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Bare Boulder Camping Gear Repair and Restoration

Planning on camping this winter but your damaged Sleeping Bag won’t keep you warm? Bare Boulder can repair and restore all your camping gear to keep you safe and warm! Camping gear gets easily damaged without your knowledge, we are sure you don’t want to be stuck at your camping location with a torn tent, damaged sleeping bag, ripped tarp or even a broken bag! Bring in all your equipment to ensure you are ready and prepared for your hiking excursions.

Camping Gear Repair and Restorations can be performed on, but not limited to: Sleeping Bags, Tents, Tent Covers, Tarps, Hydration Bags, Framed Backpacks, Hiking Bags, Boots, Hammocks, Chairs, Baby Carriers, Bag Liners, Air Mattresses, Dog Gear and Much More!

Call today to schedule an appointment and speak with a specialist: (303) 955-1884

Bare Boulder is Located East of Boulder at: 409 S Public RD Unit C, Lafayette, CO 80026

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