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Professional Zipper Repair Boulder, CO

Bare Boulder, located in Boulder, CO is a professional repair and design studio specializing in outdoor technical gear and soft goods. Bare Boulders zipper repair repairs can be performed on bags, backpacks, handbags, jackets, boots, leather goods, camping gear, hunting gear, ski and snow goods and much more! Anything with a zipper we can fix, repair or replace.

Bare Boulder Zipper Repairs can be performed on, but not limited to:

Jackets, Technical Jackets, Ski and Snow Jackets, Bags, Backpacks, Leather Goods, Handbags, Tents, Sleeping Bags, Hunting Gear, Soft Goods and much more!

Contact us today to speak with a repair specialist:

(303) 955-1884

409 S Public RD Unit C, Lafayette, CO 80026

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