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Prototyping can be both the most exciting and nerve racking step in the design process. It is in this stage that your ideas finally move out of the conceptual realm and come to life. Here at Bare Boulder we have a team of professionals to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Why make a prototype?
  1. Pitch an idea

  2. Marketing

  3. User testing

  4. Proof of concept

  5. Gain financing

  6. Easier to apply for a patent

If you are thinking about prototyping your concept, it is likely that you are at the stage in the design process where you already have an idea for what you would like to make or accomplish. This could be a fully rendered CAD design or a simple pencil sketch. Either way we can help get you started.

What to expect:
  1. Bring or send in your design. A basic idea of the dimensions, materials, hardware and functional requirements are helpful to get started

  2. After refining some of those specifications we can assess the cost and give you a quote for the prototype. We will then schedule a time to discuss the design, in person, on the phone or over a video conference.  Afterwards, we will send you an invoice with a breakdown of the pricing and a contract. You may provide a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or we can provide a general one to ensure your designs stay proprietary.

  3. We are officially in business! At Bare Boulder we want to keep our clients up to date and involved in the design process to allow for changes or modifications as necessary. Even after the prototype is complete it is possible to make modifications but the earlier we can lock down the design the better. For this reason we will send you design and photo updates for approval at each major stage of production. This helps ensure you get exactly what you need and provides the most time and cost effective procedure.  

  4. Included in the prototyping package:

    1. Digital designs of the prototype

    2. Precision cut vinyl patterns

    3. Sourcing information for materials and hardware

    4. Tech-pack - a technical schematic with the dimensions and hardware for all aspects of the prototype, important for manufacturing

    5. Professionally made, fully functioning and marketable prototype

  5. After the initial prototype is complete, a second prototype with the same design or with minor changes can be made at approximately 50% of the original price. For a larger order, at Bare Boulder we can handle production runs of several hundred items. Pricing for these larger orders varies with complexity and quantity, with price breaks for increasing order size. For orders of more than a few hundred we can refer you to a list of domestic and international manufacturing facilities that can handle your order. With the prototyping package you will have everything you need to manufacture your product at any facility.


Each design is unique and will require a different amount of time to complete. In general, we need two weeks advance notice to add your project in our queue, the first two weeks gives us some times to gather all the information needed, after the initial two weeks normally takes about 4 to 6 week to finish a prototype.

For more information please                           or you can schedule a free 20 minutes consultation at the link  below:

 contact us

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cutting pattern
Bare Boulder, Prototype Design, Material Cutting
leather bag making tools
sewing and production
We use a combination of two exclusive design software's to create your custom designs patterns digitally.
Then The pattern pieces are sent to a state-of-the-art, computer-controlled cutting machine, The computer precisely marks and cuts the patterns.
We use the Computer-Cut patterns to cut the material that will become your final product 
We have a team of highly skilled production and sewing technicians to make sure your prototype design is made with perfection.
At the end, we will present you with the digital designs and vinyl blueprint of all the patterns, along with all exclusive rights to your prototype design and the professionally made prototype. 

Prototyping Process:

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