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Professional Outdoor Gear Repair & Garment Repair, Technical Gear Repair, Soft Good Repair and Leather Good Repair Boulder, Colorado 


Professional Repair and Restoration Services

Bare Boulder Design & Repair is proud to offer a variety of sewing repairs ranging from simple stitching and hardware replacement to zipper repairs, in-depth gear overhaul, and alterations. We are not your average sewing repair shop- our focus is on prolonging the useful life of high quality, high-end outdoor gear that needs to stand up to the elements.

We can fix many sewn Soft Goods, Luggage's, Leather products such as outerwear, tents, sleeping bags,  packs, technical gear, camping gear, hunting gear, ski gear, footwear, Sport Bags, Leather Bags, Purses and more... Our skilled technicians and design experts focus on making repairs that are functional and durable, and we always aim to make your repaired item look great. We stand behind our repair with full six-month warranty with every repair at Bare Boulder Design & Repair!



Modification Services


Bare Boulders offers a range of Modification Services for Outdoor Technical Gear and Soft Goods. Either it may be customizing an existing product to fit your personal aesthetics or create a cohesive product supply for your business, adding pockets and zippers, customizing design and fabrics modifications, personalizing bags, backpacks and much more! 

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