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Colorado's Premiere Ski Sewing! | Bare Boulder

Located in Foothills of Colorado, one of the top-ranked spots for Outdoor Ski and Snow in the Country, Bare Boulder is the go-to spot for all your Ski and Snow sewing needs! Our highly skilled outdoor gear sewing experts can virtually perform restoration and repair services on all your outdoor soft goods, bags and apparel! Sewing your own technical gear is tricky, as the materials used within your goods are precious and expensive, at Bare Boulder we take pride in handling your items with complete care to ensure satisfied customer satisfaction.

Our sewing services include, but are not limited to:

Ski Sewing, Winter Jacket Sewing, Down Jacket Sewing, Fashion Jackets Sewing, Leather Jacket Sewing, Bag Sewing, Technical Bag Sewing, Backpack Sewing, Handbag Sewing, Leather Handbag Sewing, Luggage Sewing, Boot Sewing, Leather Sewing, Coat Sewing, Gore Tex Sewing, Boat and Vehicle Cover Sewing, and Much More!

Call today to schedule an appointment and speak with a specialist: (303) 955-1884

Bare Boulder is Located East of Boulder at: 409 S Public RD Unit C, Lafayette, CO 80026

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