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New Design Face Mask with Detachable upper Eye-Shield for extra protection.


Covid-19 is mostly transmitted through droplets t hat are created when people cough, sneeze or talk. wareing a mask alon leaves the eyes exposed and there is evidence that some viruses can infect a person through the eyes!

If you need that extra layer of protection without wearing a full size face-shield, this combo design is what you need! you can wear the face-mask with or without the eye-shield, the Eye-Shield is detachable!


Eye-Shield is made of ultra-clear film with Anti-Fog technology.

Face-Mask is made of two layers of cotton and one layer of interfacing to filter-Air

We can make the masks with soft flat elastic over-the-ear loops or with Ties-Back for custom fit.

Washable And Reusable / One Size Fits Most / Reversible.



How to order:

1- Choose your color, if you choose the Random Color option we'll send you any available color in stock!

2- Choose Mask with Tie-Back or Over-the-Ear soft elastic loop

3- Choose size

4-Eye-Shield comes in one size-fit-all!

Face-Mask with Detachable Eye-Shield Anti-Fog Ultra-Clear Combo

Face-Mask Color
  • Sorry, we cannot acept return on this product! contact us if you have any quesations prior to purcheasing

  • Shipping time: one business day

    Shipping cost: 10 masks ro more get free shipping!

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